First Full Day of Points Plus

Can I start by saying “Wow, am I full!!” It makes sense and is incredibly logical yet you never believe it ‘til you experience it.

I started WW yesterday. Went to a meeting late in the day, weighed in and never curbed my eating for the day at all. I used 20 of my extra points allotment yesterday alone. (I figured I should journal the “average” day, pre-WW)

Needless to say I found it rather shocking. I was still hungry when I went to bed last night so I imagined I would be starving through this whole process.

Tonight I am five points short of meeting my points allowance for the day and I have eaten more food than I imagined I could on this program. It is pretty phenomenal. I am perfectly satisfied. The only thing I really missed today was soda. (I decided before I started this that I was going to drastically reduce the number of sodas I drink.)

I am lucky though, we have had bad weather and so my first real WW day was done at home. I didn’t have to go to work, nor did I have to take my children to school so I was able to focus on learning the plan — learning the website and the goals I have set for myself.

I sure hope tomorrow goes well too.

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