Mt. Hermon Take-away

Mt. Hermon Take-away

As many of you know, I entered a contest and was selected as one of ten winners who won admission to the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference, including room and board.

I spent several fabulous days outside Santa Cruz, California. I communed with other writers, people in the writing industry and just all around good folks. I kayaked in the Pacific. I hiked through a redwood forest. But most of all, I learned a lot about myself and this crazy path I’m on.

1. Having goals is different than having a plan. Sometimes it’s the round-about-meandering path that gets us our goals more so, than the strict itinerary of a plan. It is amazing how free it is to walk into a writing conference with no agenda. Now I can’t claim I did that. My friend did that. But I soon dropped my agenda and decided there was so much more to gain if I would just shut-up for a second. And when I did, things started happening. Very. Good. Things.

2. Guess what? I totally dig kayaking and think I need a kayak. (you know, in case anyone reading this needs a hint for a birthday, mother’s day, or anniversary gift . . .)

3. I’m in a good place, geographically. I have a really great writing group right here in the Dallas area. The literary community is growing and I love LELA.

4. You know what? I have talent. Pashawwwwww. But it’s true. Strangers like my words, ideas and worlds. That’s pretty freaking amazing.

5. I’m super lucky to have the support of Big Tough and the Brood. My family digs my being a writer.

6. My mind was blown. I had this creamy Italian chocolate pot that was enough to write home about. (See the above pic. Amazing, right?) Thank you, MD!  It is called Deep Chocolate Indulgence and it includes a half slice of Chocolate Ecstacy Cake, a mini Italian Pot of Chocolate, and a Bittersweet Truffle. Holy cow, Batman.  Next time you are in Santa Cruz, Ca., go here, Chocolate on Pacific Ave.

7. And I learned to trust my gut, my heart and my husband.  (Whew.  Biggest and best for last.) This was exactly where I needed to be at exactly the right time. Big Tough’s words of encouragement have been an important part of my journey.

I’m still in the pinch-me phase and I fully recognize my life is forever changed.

So here is some BIG news. I am delaying The Proving Ring for just a bit (a year at most) while I finish up a couple non-fiction manuscripts that apparently my heart has been aching to write because I got requests for manuscripts of books I have not even started — from major publishing companies, no less. I may have another EPIC surprise on the horizon, too.  🙂

All in all, my little chickadees, don’t be disheartened. Dreams may be a long time in coming, but God knows the true and pure desires of your heart. Keep trying. Keep learning and by all means, don’t ever give up.

Writers Guild Texas – 3rd Monday Meeting

Come hear a great speaker at the monthly meeting of the Writers Guild Texas.

Monday, March 20th – The Dramatic Dilemma presented by Shawn Scarber

(this info taken from

This presentation focuses on the role Dilemma plays in character-driven fiction.  Casablanca is used as an example to show how dilemma drives dramatic suspense and helps to form the narrative structure of character driven fiction.

Shawn Scarber lives and works in North Texas.  He’s written a number of short stories that have appeared in magazines, collections, and e-zines.  he’s a Clarion West 06 gradate and an active member of the Future Classics speculative Fiction Writers.  Connect with him on Twitter @obliquefiction and on Facebook.


Meetings are in the basement program room of the Richardson Public Library.

Wordfest – A free all-you-can-meet festival of DFW-area writing groups!

Wordfest – A free all-you-can-meet festival of DFW-area writing groups!

Find your tribe.  Grow your tribe!

For details go to

Callin all Dallas-area writers! WORDfest is here.

Over twenty of the best, manning their tables, college-fair-style and standing by for your questions.

Attendance is free and open to the public, but register by February 25th on our website and receive a complimentary critique of your first three pages from one of our featured organization.