Great Grab and Go Keyboard

Great Grab and Go Keyboard

I had some Amazon gift cards burning holes in my pocket. The trouble was choosing what to buy with them.

Seriously, my Amazon Wishlist is a ridiculous exercise in total greed and my want button is turned up to 11. However, I AM quite capable of exercising restraint, so I scanned my wants for a useful item that won’t quickly get set aside and clicked Buy It Now.

I love getting boxes from Amazon. Especially when my busy life has me forgetting I even ordered anything. Seeing the box on my front porch quickly reminded me of my purchase and I was EXCITED to open the box. This was not an Amazon delivery of toilet paper or dog food. This box held potential.

I chose the little keyboard pictured above.  It is the Logitech iPad Keyboard and Stand Combo.  It works with iPad, iPad 2, iPad (3rd/4th generation), iPad mini and the iPhone. (Don’t fret, there is an android version too.)

It is Bluetooth enabled so I can use it with my phone and can comfortably work anywhere. For power, it uses triple A batteries so I don’t have to worry about charging cables etc. So far, it is really cool and I can’t say enough about it. It fits in my purse and the keyboard is full sized so I don’t end up with cramped hands. I’m actually writing this blog with it as we speak.

Its connection is not jagged or delayed. It is as smooth as if I am typing directly into my device. With every word, I grow more and more fond of this tech-savvy do-dad.

I’m totally digging it. So, how am I going to use it? First, I’m going to download the Scrivener App to my iPad mini and see how I like working on that, so I don’t always destroy the charge on my phone running Bluetooth-enabled peripheral gadgets. And since the connection is flawless, I can see myself typing blogs from the carpool lane and working on my manuscript anywhere inspiration strikes. I don’t have to preplan and have my laptop with me.

You should try this. Definitely worth finding the money in your budget, or the next time someone asks what you want for your birthday, suggest an Amazon Gift Card.

And I’ve gotta say, I might get these for my children. It is so much cheaper than buying them laptops and they can type right into the Google Docs App for their papers for school. Win/win.

You can buy this keyboard for your Apple products here:

You can get the Android version here:


Writers Guild Texas – 3rd Monday Meeting

Come hear a great speaker at the monthly meeting of the Writers Guild Texas.

Monday, March 20th – The Dramatic Dilemma presented by Shawn Scarber

(this info taken from

This presentation focuses on the role Dilemma plays in character-driven fiction.  Casablanca is used as an example to show how dilemma drives dramatic suspense and helps to form the narrative structure of character driven fiction.

Shawn Scarber lives and works in North Texas.  He’s written a number of short stories that have appeared in magazines, collections, and e-zines.  he’s a Clarion West 06 gradate and an active member of the Future Classics speculative Fiction Writers.  Connect with him on Twitter @obliquefiction and on Facebook.


Meetings are in the basement program room of the Richardson Public Library.

Rockwall Christian Writers’ Group

Rockwall Christian Writers’ Group

Come for quality teaching followed by a critique session.  This is good stuff.


Near the Chili’s on the East bound service road of I-30.

Rm. W214


Park on the Chili’s side of the building (West).  Enter the West Wing near the parking garage.  We meet on the second floor toward the back of that wing.  Dress in layers.  The church is often chilly.


For critique time, bring 8 copies with up to 5 pages double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font or larger, 1″ margins.  Numbering your pages helps.  You don’t need to bring something to critique.  We will often be teaching the first 15 minutes, so bring paper and pen for note taking.

Wordfest – A free all-you-can-meet festival of DFW-area writing groups!

Wordfest – A free all-you-can-meet festival of DFW-area writing groups!

Find your tribe.  Grow your tribe!

For details go to

Callin all Dallas-area writers! WORDfest is here.

Over twenty of the best, manning their tables, college-fair-style and standing by for your questions.

Attendance is free and open to the public, but register by February 25th on our website and receive a complimentary critique of your first three pages from one of our featured organization.