Blue – Writers’ Guild Texas 2016 Flash Fiction Contest

Blue – Writers’ Guild Texas 2016 Flash Fiction Contest

Last fall, I decided to enter my first ever writing competition.  To make it more challenging, I decided to write a story for a Flash Fiction Contest.  Flash Fiction is a complete story – start to finish – in a thousand words or less.

Some of you might think that I played it safe  because I chose a contest requiring a small amount of writing.  But you can’t understand Flash Fiction until you’ve tried writing Flash Fiction.  You aren’t allowed pages upon pages to establish a character.  You have to do that in a mere sentence or two.

Flash fiction is definitely an exercise in brevity and understanding what your story is truly about.  There are no bunny trails to wander down.

I won second place in that contest for my submission entitled “Blue.” This February it was published in the online monthly newsletter/journal of the Writers’ Guild Texas.

You can read it here.