Author LM Hinton:

The Sojourn Sparrow

One of the hardest parts of being a writer is in instances like this, where one must describe or introduce oneself to strangers.  What do I say?  What would someone really want to know? Well everything, of course.

I’m an avid fan of American Pin-ups, elephants, off-the-wall art, bright colors, flowers, loyal dogs, good coffee and even better friends.  And I’m lucky to be surrounded by all of the above.  Well except for elephants.

My family is pretty amazing.  There are 11 of us all together if you count the four dogs, the bird and a horse.

For the moment, I will focus on the humans in Pack Hinton.  First off there is me.  I’m Leah. Then there is my hubs,  BigTough.   We’ve been married 20 years.  We have three amazing kids. MiniMe, Little BigTough and The Chin.

Our oldest daughter is MiniMe. She looks a lot like me.  People often mistake us for sisters.  I don’t mind.  Really.  Of course she has a bit of BigTough mixed in for good measure. She swims like a mermaid and is the funniest person I know.

Our middle child, Little BigTough, aka the Mancub is a statistics genius.  At least where football stats are concerned and amazingly enough, all things iPhone. He is a handsome dude with an amazing brain, and is a pretty stellar comic to boot.

That brings us to our youngest.  The Chin.  Don’t think for a minute that is disparaging nickname.  My youngest is adopted.  We look nothing alike.  I almost glow in the dark I’m so fair.  Her skin is a deep brown.  Once we were looking in the mirror admiring each other when she said how much she loves looking like me.  “We have the same chin, Momma.”  Thus the nickname was born.  And if I jut my chin out as far as I can, I can kind of see what she was getting at.

This won’t be an ordinary writer’s blog. I can’t just dump writing facts on you.  (That’s what I use Twitter for.) Here I will share intimate details of my life. I will open up about my relationships with people, food, sex, and my body.

Oh, and of course the writing process, as I continue my work in progress — a suspenseful foray into the world of a Texas K9 officer caught up in a search for a madman and a missing girl.

Grab a cup of coffee.  Pull up a chair.  Stay awhile.

I’m LM Hinton.  Nice to know you.

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